In this article we will explore the possibilities of holidays in Sicily with kids, highlighting the main attractions for kidsin Sicily. From safe beaches for the little ones to amusement parks that enchant young and old, we will guide you through the best options on where to go in Sicily with kids for an ideal mix of relaxation and adventure.

Are you ready to discover how to make your holiday in Sicily with kids an unforgettable memory?

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Best places to visit in Sicily with kids

Eastern Sicily is a region rich in history, culture and natural beauty, making it an ideal destination for families looking for a fun and educational holiday with kids. Among the most fascinating cities to explore with kids are Catania, Taormina, Syracuse and Ragusa, each with its own unique attractions and activities suitable for all ages.

Among archaeological sites that tell ancient stories, natural reserves of extraordinary beauty and welcoming beaches, a holiday in Sicily with kids is the ideal opportunity to combine learning with the pure joy of time spent together.


Syracuse and its historic island of Ortigia fascinate with mazes of medieval streets, puppet shows and archaeological sites such as the Archaeological Park of Neapolis. Nearby beaches such as Fontane Bianche are ideal for days when families want to enjoy the sea and sand.


Ragusa, known for its magnificent examples of Baroque architecture, offers a quieter experience. Ragusa Ibla, the old town, is a lovely place to walk and discover hidden corners. Not far away, the coast offers quiet beaches like those of Marina di Ragusa, where families can relax or play by the sea.


Catania, located at the foot of Etna, offers not only the opportunity to explore one of the most active volcanoes in the world through guided excursions suitable for kids, but also adventure parks where kids can have fun safely. The city itself is full of impressive squares and lively markets that stimulate curiosity and the senses.


Taormina is famous for its ancient Greco-Roman theatre that offers a spectacular view of the Ionian coast. Its narrow streets and public gardens are perfect for family walks, while nearby beaches such as Isola Bella offer great places to swim and relax in the sun.

Things to do in Sicily with kids

Eastern Sicily, with its towns rich in history and enchanting coasts, offers a wide range of attractions that make this region an ideal place for holidays in Sicily with kids. Here are some of the best activities and attractions for families:

Etna Adventure Parks

At the foot of the largest active volcano in Europe, several adventure parks such as Etnaland in Belpasso offer acrobatic routes through the trees, water slides and games suitable for all ages. It is also possible to organize guided excursions on the volcano, an educational and adventurous experience for older adults.

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Island of Ortigia in Syracuse

This old town is a real open-air museum. Families can explore historic alleys, baroque squares and the famous Maniace Castle. Do not miss to visit the Puppet Museum for a traditional show of Sicilian puppets.

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Taormina and the Ancient Theatre

In addition to being an iconic place for its beauty and breathtaking views of the sea, Taormina offers kids’ workshops during the summer, where they can learn about the history and local culture through fun and interactive activities.

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Naxos Gardens

Near Taormina, this seaside resort is famous for its kids-friendly beaches and shallow waters, perfect for swimming and water games. In addition, during the summer, the beach comes alive with events and activities designed for families.

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Vendicari Nature Reserve

This reserve offers opportunities for birdwatching and exploring secluded beaches and nature trails. It is a great place to teach kids about the importance of nature conservation and the environment.

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Museum of Chocolate of Modica

For a sweet adventure, visit the Chocolate Museum where kids can learn about the history of chocolate and observe the production of the famous chocolate of Modica, unique for its cold working process that dates back to the Aztecs.

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The best beaches for kids in Sicily

If you are looking for the best beaches in eastern Sicily for a holiday with kids, here is a list of the most beautiful and suitable for families:

  • Isola Bella (Taormina): This small beach located in a bay below Taormina can be reached by cable car. It offers a mix of sand and pebbles with a protected marine area, ideal for snorkeling.

  • San Lorenzo Beach (near Marzamemi): This beach has shallow and calm waters, very suitable for small kids. The sand is fine and the sea crystal clear, making it one of the most family friendly beaches in this area of Sicily.

  • Fontane Bianche Beach (Siracusa): Popular with local families and tourists alike, this beach offers a wide expanse of white sand and transparent waters, with several options for renting umbrellas and sun loungers.

  • Calamosche Beach (near Noto): Located in the Vendicari Nature Reserve, this beach is famous for its calm waters and the surrounding unspoilt nature. It is a little less accessible than others, but its peaceful environment is ideal for a relaxing family day.

  • Marina di Ragusa Beach: This seaside resort offers golden beaches and a well-developed promenade with numerous amenities, including kids’ playgrounds, making it an ideal destination for families.

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Where to stay in Sicily with kids, family holidays

When planning a holiday in Sicily with kids, finding the right accommodation is essential to ensure it is relaxing and fun for the whole family. Villas and apartments are great options because they offer extra space, privacy and the flexibility to prepare your own meals, which can be very convenient when traveling with your little ones. Here are some of the best options on where to stay in Sicily, ideal for families: